Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard full review

If you spend enough time working or playing on a computer, you can’t beat a good mechanical keyboard. They often allow faster, more satisfying typing, although the amount of key clatter can be very distracting – if not to you then at least any neighbouring colleagues.

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The Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard is a premium mechanical keyboard that is designed to be more acoustically acceptable in quiet workplaces and homes, while still offering much of the ‘feel’ of a traditional clicky keyboard. Instead of the popular Cherry MX range of switches, Matias installs its own switch inspired by an Alps Electric design, we’re told.

First there was the nice-but-noisy type used in the Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard; now there’s a version for quiet use in the Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard.

The feel of the quiet switch is something like the Cherry MX Brown – the ‘low-noise’ Cherry option – but perhaps with a slightly more positive action. Bite point to print characters is still near the top of travel, but the follow-through has some useful gentle resistance. 

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

The Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard is a professional keyboard with reduced key noise

The overall experience of typing is very good, maybe not as engaging as some noisier types, but importantly you should be able to build up a considerable typing speed, without losing the precision that this typist experiences with some Cherry Black or Red layouts.

Noise level is certainly far lower from the Quiet Pro than that most clickety of Cherry switches, the lauded Cherry Blue – although it’s still far from being silent. They make perhaps as much noise as a common membrane-switched PC keyboard; which is to say not especially audible.

Construction of the keyboard is reassuringly heavy, a chunky affair weighing just over 1.2kg. The main body appears to be ABS plastic, all black and finished in a high gloss, while the keys themselves are matt textured with shallow finger dips. 

There are no logos or stickers or any marking on the top surface of the keyboard whatsoever. Legends are white and laser-etched so characters should not fade with use.

The sample we tested is designed expressly for Windows computers, featuring the Windows super key between the Ctrl and Alt keys, and only to the left of the spacebar. Layout was for US users, so the shifted ‘3’ key is marked with the # symbol, but it will print £ on a UK computer.

We understand from local distributor The Keyboard Company that a UK layout model for Windows at least should be available around the end of February 2013.

There is also a Macintosh version offered, with US layout only though, which sports a faux-metal silver plastic chassis.

The Enter key is single height only, and UK typists used to the double-height Return key may have to adjust so they don’t hit the backslash ‘\’ or pipe ‘|’ that resides between Backspace and Enter on American decks. 

As a full-size keyboard, there’s the usual number keypad to the right, although less conventionally this layout omits the Num Lock or Clear key that we see above the 7 key, and replaces it with a Tab key, to assist spreadsheet users.

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard profile

The Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard is a chunky keyboard with USB hub and retractable feet

Other features include a simple USB 2.0 hub, with three regular Type A ports, one to the left, one right and one rear right. A pair of feet can be hinged out from below to raise the profile by around 16mm at the back, which is how we found the Quiet Pro most comfortable to use.


Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard: Specs

  • Qwerty PC keyboard
  • 1.83m fixed USB cable
  • anti-ghosting
  • 3 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 460 x 165 x 35mm
  • 1278g

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