MacCleanse 3 full review

Built in, easy-to-use clean up tools are the one feature Windows has that Macs lack. You could argue that now we’re edging closer to 100% app store distribution, the point will become moot. Still, removing apps is only one part of the clean-up process. See WD My Passport Edge for Mac 500GB review.

We’ve tested several application and disk cleaning tools in our time. Few are as comprehensive as MacCleanse 3. We’re fans of CCleaner, now that it’s available for Macs - but it’s not quite as feature packed as the Windows version. AppZapper is a nice tool if all you want is something for removing old programs. See all software reviews.

MacCleanse 3 does a great job across a range of clean-up tasks. Open it up and there’s an easy to use two pane view. A list on the left enables you to configure the bits of your Mac you can clean up - and it’s quite a list. From maintenance tasks like log and cache clean-up through to more involved routines like full application removal and “App Slimming”. The latter tool targets Universal Binaries and removes PowerPC elements - or Intel elements if you’re on an older Mac. Take a look at MacPilot 5 review.

When you check the application’s specs, the number of items MacCleanse can track down and eliminate is huge, with support for specific programs as well as the Mac operating system.

You can individually or automatically configure MacCleanse to scan your machine for cruft and rubbish. You can then select which bits of it to bin. And here’s one feature that MacCleanse manages better than many others - it really deletes, with secure erasure of files and fragments to make sure that they’re really gone.


MacCleanse 3: Specs

  • Size: 14.9 MB
  • Requirements: OS X 10.6 or later

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