Apple Macbook 2.2GHz Black full review

The latest Apple Macbook beats its predecessor with a modest speed bump to a 2.2GHz processor and a move to Intel's X3100 graphics processor.

Apple obviously considered the latest revision of its Macbook line such a minor update that it was released with little fanfare. However, the new version brings a couple of new additions to the line - a modest speed bump to a 2.2GHz processor and a move to Intel's X3100 graphics processor.

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The Macbook obviously comes loaded with Apple's own operating system - OS X 10.5 Leopard. However, this latest revision of OS X contains all the tools necessary to get your machine to dual-boot both Mac and Windows. Just resize the hard drive to make space and then follow the instructions to install either XP or Vista. Running WorldBench 6 under Vista resulted in a reasonable real-world speed score of 68. Read our Windows Vista review here.

Gaming performance was less impressive - during our gruelling graphics test the Macbook managed only a pitiful 4 frames per second (fps), which pretty much rules out any modern games. Battery life, on the other hand, was much more impressive with the machine managing to work for a massive 171 minutes from a single charge.

The Macbook's hard drive is a little on the small side compared to the competition, but 160GB should still be large enough for general use and there's a dual format DVD writer for backup.

The Macbook's 13.3in glossy screen offers vibrant colours, although it suffers from increased reflectivity as a result, and stretches to a resolution of 1,280x800 pixels.

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