Let's Create! Pottery HD full review

Let's create! Pottery HD iPad

Even if you're not interested in pottery, this is a surprisingly addictive and well designed iOS and Android game. I discovered it because of the new integration with 3D printing specialists Sculpteo, which means your pots don't have to remain mere pixels: you can order a 3D print of your creation. See also 3D printing: print three-dimensional objects at home

Since I've had to play through the game in order to earn enough coins to buy paints and various brushes to make anything other than a bare, fired pot - and had plenty of fun doing it - it seemed appropriate to write a review as well.

Initially I installed Let's Create! Pottery on an iPhone, but soon realised that the wonderfully high-resolution graphics would look even better on a Retina iPad's screen. And they do. You can look at beautiful 3D renderings of your creations, turning them around with a swipe of the finger.

The game itself involves replicating pots using images sent to you by your Aunt Chloe and her friends. You earn coins for doing a good job, allowing you to buy more items from the shop.

To make a pot you start with a basic shape which can be formed into anything from a squat bowl to a tall vase. It's certainly easier to create smooth curves on the iPad's larger screen, but it's possible with a bit of patience on an iPhone.

Let's create! Pottery HD iPhone

There are limits to what you can make since you can only manipulate your creation as the wheel turns, meaning everything must be entirely cylindrical. There's also a limit to how precise you can be with details.

When you're happy with your pot, you must 'fire' it before painting it. The process takes a few seconds with a nice animation of the kiln.

'Brushes' allow you to paint patterns on your pots, from basic stripes and chequers to more ornate graphics. Painting a pot is good fun too, as achieving a solid colour requires a good few swipes. You can mix colours, and use as many as you like on a pot.

You can do several things with a completed pot. First, you can keep it in your collection. The second option is to auction it, and the final price will depend on how aesthetically pleasing your creation is, although garish colours and designs don't seem to put buyers off.

Let's create! Pottery HD iPad auction pot

If you've created a pot to order, you need to tap the 'send order' button. If it matches the picture you were sent, you'll be paid. Otherwise, you'll need to try again. When you're successful you'll shortly receive another 'email' with another order.

Another option is to share your pot with the Let's Create! Pottery portal (www.potterygame.com) where others can rate your pot - it could even become pot of the day or pot of the week.

With a relaxing birdsong soundtrack, Let's Create! Pottery is a theraputic game which should appeal to all ages, including kids.

 We're waiting for our 3D pot to arrive in the post, so we can't yet comment on the quality of the printed version, but it's certainly not a cheap option. The biggest pot you can order is roughly 6in tall, and that costs around 50 Euros with postage to the UK.

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