HP Compaq 6910p full review

The HP Compaq 6910p is a quality laptop we enjoyed testing. HP has positioned it as a business laptop, and it fills that role rather well.

But if you've ever seen one of HP's lower-priced consumer entertainment laptops, you may wonder why HP can't bring that attractive new Piano Black finish and lovely BrightView display finish to its business line. (BrightView is available as a custom option).

Business users want a good-looking laptop too. With them taking their laptop home and on the road, mixing business and pleasure, the convergence trend is happening at the user base, even if vendors haven't totally caught on.

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Getting down to business

That gripe aside, as a business laptop the HP Compaq 6910p fits the bill. It continues the consistent design of HP's business laptop lineup, with a basic gray and black colour scheme. Nice, but no piano black.

The HP Compaq 6910p's 14.1in display is an adequate size for the business traveler, big enough to be comfortably readable while still maintaining portability.

And speaking of portability, the HP Compaq 6910p weighs-in at 2.3kg, with the AC adaptor adding another half a kilo or so. Not exactly ultraportable.

The full qwerty keyboard offered no problems, and for pointing both a touchpad and trackball are included, as seems to be the industry standard for business laptops. The trackball is - as trackballs are - awkward, but the touchpad is easy to use, and the rubberized mouse keys are a nice touch.

We don't like the nearly invisible touch-sensitive buttons across the keyboard for control of functions such as volume, and turning-off the wireless antenna. It's easy to accidentally turn off the antenna, not even knowing the button is there. It can be a frustrating hour of hard-wired surfing to learn where the button is, and then find it on the laptop. If there was a software way of doing it, we couldn't find it.

The HP Compaq 6910p boasts ample ports and features, including a built-in mic, biometric fingerprint scanner, SD/MMC port as well as the standard peripheral ports. The headphone jack is well positioned on the left side, as are the three USB ports, one on the right and two stacked horizontally on the left. Sound quality without headphones is pretty good for a business laptop.

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