The LifeBook P7230 is the lightest laptop we've reviewed that includes an integrated optical drive. It weighs 1.2kg, with a dual-layer DVD burner in place. Although the 1kg Asus U1F has the edge in performance, the Fujitsu has a better keyboard, costs less, and can get the job done without your having to pack an extra piece of equipment.

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The P7230's footprint is about the same as the U1F's, at 27cm wide by 20cm deep by 3cm tall. Both units have super-bright LED-backlit screens. The LifeBook's 10.6in WXGA screen is marginally smaller than the Asus's 11.1in display, but Fujitsu's LED implementation is 10 percent brighter, and its keyboard is terrific (aside from requiring you to use two hands to page up or down).

Our £1,400 test unit came with the Windows Vista Business operating system and a 60GB hard drive. Microsoft Works 8.5, a full set of backup and recovery discs, and a nice Acrobat manual on the hard drive come standard. Considering how much case space an internal bay occupies, the tiny unit accommodates lots of ports and slots.

You get two USB ports, a VGA port, a PC Card slot, a FireWire port, and basic audio ports. Network and modem jacks flank the battery on the back. A shared slot for Memory Stick, SD, and xD flash memory cards sits on the front. Wi-Fi comes standard; Bluetooth costs a little extra, as does a basic webcam.