Most laptop bags are pretty samey – smart, black nylon bags with shoulder strap and handles that look the part for the on-the-go business person.

But we aren't all on business when we carry our laptops around with us. And we aren't all suited businessmen.

STM's Sonic medium laptop shoulder bag looks like one of those old airline flight bags from the 1960s and 1970s – the dark blue waterproof polyurethane even has that schoolbag smell to it.

If you’re after a hip, retro laptop bag this is it, with added padded high-density foam interior protection for the 15-inch laptop of your choice.

STM Sonic laptop bag

The main compartment provides tons of expandable space for books, magazines, folders and the usual laptop/gadget accessories. There’s also a zippered organisational pocket for drives, cords, mobile, pens, and keys.

STM Sonic laptop bag closed

All this hipness comes at a cost, however with the bag costing an equally cool £65.

STM Sonic laptop bag: Specs

  • Laptop case for 15-inch laptops.
  • Laptop case for 15-inch laptops.


STM's retro Sonic medium laptop shoulder bag is way cooler than your average laptop bag, styled lovingly like the old airline bags still favoured by the scruffily hip.