Sometimes it's safer to put your laptop or iPad in a bag that doesn't look like a computer bag and therefore tell muggers and thieves that you might be carrying something valuable. The A-Line Bag for iPad and 10in Netbooks from Speck certainly doesn't look like a computer bag.

The bag has a clever wrap-around design that reveals numerous pockets for storage of various small items. Each time we used the bag we discovered a new place to put things.

Our only criticism is the length of the Speck's strap, which is only long enough to go over one shoulder; we'd be much happier if we could wear it over our head - crossing the shoulders shares the weight somewhat, you also feel more secure, and less like someone might swipe it.

Tablet Advisor

All in all we liked the bag but we felt that the space inside was limited - if only it was a little bigger and we could carry more than an iPad, we don't want to carry another bag so that we can have everything else we need with us. We also felt that pricing is a bit on the high side at $59.95 (about £37) given that we could put our iPad in any bag, and there are plenty of normal bags that are priced far lower.


At the end of the day any iPad bag is competing with any normal handbag (or man bag). There is a wide range of stylish bags out there that would do just as good a job as this one. However, we do like the clever wrap-around style, and it was comfortable to carry our iPad in this bag.