MiBag full review

The MiBag from Exspect is a stylish and roomy laptop bag.

In fact, it's two. The MiBag comprises what Exspect calls a 'lifestyle bag' which has a thin laptop 'sleeve or bag handily slipped inside. If you don't need to carry your lappy about, you can stow it somewhere safely in its comfortable and well-padded inner bag, then use your outer MiBag as, well, a lifestyle bag.

It's certainly roomy. With the laptop sleeve removed, the MiBag has space enough to build a small town. Even with a 17in laptop ensconced in your MiBag (inner sleeve and all), there's a plethora of pockets and hidey-holes for everything you could possibly need to carry.

For instance, one useful pocket, aimed at your digital audio player, and sports a headphone-out slot. You simply slip your MP3 player in this pouch, and can then listen away without ever having to remove the player from the MiBag.

And yet the MiBag still looks stylish. It feels like a quality product.

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More importantly for the hard-pressed road warrior, even when stuffed with a laptop and the all paraphernalia you must carry with it, the MiBag is comfortable to carry. Or perhaps more accurately, the combination of several pockets, two bags and an adjustable strap means that if you can't find a way of comfortably carrying your laptop, you simply aren't trying hard enough.

And your laptop will be secure from bumps and scrapes. The MiBag boasts plenty of padding and a sturdy strap to stop your fragile PC getting damaged. And if it's in the inner bag of two, so much the better.

The MiBag has one other trick up its, ahem, sleeve that, depending on your viewpoint, is either a killer fashion function or a pointless gimmick.

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