Le Dolce Vita full review

The latest trend in laptops bags is merging functionality with style. Laptop carriers now offer a fashionable bag designed not just for your PC - and La Dolce Vita is no exception.

La Dolce Vita features a slip case, ideal for carrying small 13in laptops under your arm, while the bag can be used for other items.

Alternatively, your laptop can be stashed in the shower-proof (very important with the UK weather) tarpaulin bag, which features three zipped compartments.

Not the most spacious of bags, La Dolce Vita does offer protection but falters on comfort. The cross-body carry strap lacks shoulder protection and can get uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time.

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Part of La Dolce Vita's charm is its interchangeable front covers which, according to manufacturers be ez, just zip on and off. Alas, the reality is a bit more fiddly. Available in three different colours, each bag comes with three front covers, one plain, one with a swirl design and the third featuring the same swirl design with accents of a contrasting colour.

They're slightly better looking than a plain canvas laptop bag, but not as stylish as you would hope for a price tag of £49.

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Le Dolce Vita: Specs

  • 13in laptop bag, interchangeable front covers, shoulder strap
  • 350x250x60mm