Coverse laptop case 13in

Converse has moved into the tech side of accessories including laptop cases. Read our Converse laptop sleeve review to find out more.

Converse's laptop sleeves are available in both 13in and 15in sizes and there's one designed for the iPad too. We tried out a 13in case, which costs £20, with a number of laptops. Most fitted nicely but if you've got an expensive Ultrabook which is particularly thin you might find the case a little oversized. 

This does, however, give you a bit of spare to room to put other things in the case with your laptop. We managed to get an HP Folio 13 into the Converse case with a copy of PC Advisor and a few pens with a little room to spare. This is fortunate since there's no pocket on the front or rear of the case.

We could even squeeze in a 14in laptop but since it was quite chunky the zip wouldn't close. The 15in size costs an extra £5 while the iPad case will set you back just £15 and will fit other tablets.

The sleeve is simplistic in its design with an instantly recognisable Converse style making it a great choice for anyone bored of the many plain designs on the market. On one side are a large Converse logo and retro twin stripes while piping edges the case on both sides.

These elements are always in white except for the white option which has black detail. It's shame that the stylish design isn't on both sides but this isn't uncommon.

Converse cases group laptop and iPad

Converse has made the case out of PU leather (made from the inner splits of the hide and finished with a polyurethane coating) which looks and feels high quality. It's UV resistant which should stop the colour fading over time. Another plus point is that the case is very lightweight at just 239g.

The case feels well made with a decent zip running along the top edge and down each size a couple of inches. There is a branded metal zip pull and a nice soft plush lining on the inside to keep your laptop safe from scratches.

Our review sample came in black but other colours are available including navy blue, white and dark purple. The only omission is that the 13in laptop case isn't available in navy blue. The range of Converse cases aren't on sale at the time of writing but will be available from Currys soon.

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The Converse laptop sleeve is well made and stylish. There's no straps, pockets or the like but at £20 we can't complain.