Thermaltake eSports Meka full review

Thermaltake’s Meka is the G1’s smaller, slightly cheaper sibling. It’s also equipped with Cherry Black switches, and shares the mushy feel and less-than-stellar construction of its pricier relative.

Typing is smooth, and the keys are sufficiently responsive. But because it uses Cherry Black switches, the Meka lacks the authoritative “clack” you get from some other mechanical keyboards.

The Meka is compact, and the layout suffers because of it. It has no Windows key, very little breathing room between the narrow keys, and some keys are in unusual places. Expect mistakes as you’re learning your way around the layout.

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The Thermaltake eSports Meka's features are sparse. It has a pair of USB ports at the top edge of the keyboard, pointed away from you. That's a convenient placement, since cables or memory keys plugged into them aren’t likely to snag on anything.