Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard full review

The Bluetooth-enabled Wedge Mobile Keyboard has special Windows 8 keys, and is portable and solid. We tested the Wedge Mobile Keyboard using the Samsung Series 7 Slate running Windows 8, alongside the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard costs a whopping £80 - is it worth it?

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Wedge Mobile Keyboard: design and build

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is petite, but built to last. In use the plastic scrabble-tile keys give a satisfying clunk, but feel sturdy enough to take a hammering. It's a thin, lightweight sliver of silver and black, metal and plastic. Lay it next to a 10in tablet and the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is less than half the width, whilst taking up just a proportion of the thickness.

The underside is smooth silvery plastic, broken only by the maker's name and a black plastic wedge-like tube that holds the batteries (two AAAs, since you ask). The batteries go in at one end, via a cunning little switch. At the other end is the Bluetooth button. This tube raises the rear of the keyboard, which gently tilts the keys, making it comfortable for reasonably lengthy typing sessions - although this is definitely a mobile keyboard and you'll want a full-sized input device for your main Windows 8 typing.

On the front of the Wedge Mobile Keyboard no space is wasted. There is just the tiniest sliver of a bezel surrounding a keyboard with virtually full-sized laptop keys.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

One key feature of the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is the cover. This solid and rubbery feeling black slab fits over the front of the keyboard. In doing so it powers down the Wedge Mobile - thus protecting the keyboard both physically and in terms of battery life. Perhaps more impressive still is that the cover has been designed to fold into an impromptu tablet stand. Bend it to a 90-degree angle and it maintains its form, allowing it to support even a large tablet such as the Series 7 Slate. It's not quite a bespoke stand, but it's a clever second use for a relatively hefty case. Well worth a slot in your bag.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard cover

Wedge Mobile Keyboard: in use

I typed this review on the Wedge Mobile Keyboard. It is by no means as comfortable as using a full-sized keyboard, but it is much, much more accurate and less cramped than the vast majority of Bluetooth keyboards we have used. You get a good level of feedback from the keys, and not an inch of space is wasted. It's a different league from a netbook keyboard, for instance.

Special keys represent the Windows 8 Charms, which is a nice touch (although when we used the Wedge Mobile Keyboard alongside the Wedge Touch Mouse we found it made much more sense to mouse there).

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard pairs with your PC, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth, so if you are running a desktop PC you probably need to purchase a separate dongle. But that's not really the point of the Wedge Mobile Keyboard which is, as the name suggests, designed to be slung in a shoulder bag and carried around the world.


Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard: Specs

  • 257x101x20.8mm
  • 236g
  • (Cover/Stand Length: 264mm, Width: 134mm, Height: 13.9mm, Weight: 207g)
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)

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