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We’re big fans of JmGo’s G1 Smart Home Theater, a gorgeous home projector that’s oozing with style and functionality, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on JmGo’s latest project: the View. JmGo View is a smart portable DLP projector that has everything you need to project presentations, movies, games and more from absolutely anywhere you like, and it looks great. Also see: The best and coolest gadgets coming your way in 2016

JmGo View review: UK price and availability 

The JmGo View is an Indiegogo project, and with only two days until the campaign finishes it has smashed its $100K goal. At the time of writing the Indiegogo fund was at $248,950, and JmGo promises that if it reaches $300K it will up the View’s warranty from one year to 1.5 years. At $450K it will produce a new colour option, and at $700K it will increase the device’s onboard storage to 32GB (up from 16GB). 

The cheapest options on Indiegogo are now sold out, but you can still save on the device’s RRP of $629 (£442.86). For $519 (£365.71) you’ll get the JmGo View with a waterproof travel case, and for $534 (£376.28) you can get the View with two pairs of 3D active-shutter glasses. The full package, which includes both the glasses and the travel case, costs $559 (£393.89). 

The View is entering mass production this month and will ship in May 2016. 

JmGo View

JmGo View: Design and build 

Like the G1, the View is an exceptionally well-designed DLP projector. JmGo has turned projector design on its head, and rather than a drab, functional-looking device the View is an aluminium-alloy cylinder with a stylish satin finish. It’s been built to the highest standard and is oozing with quality, justifying every penny of that extravagant price tag. 

Measuring 229.6x72.4mm the View is not much bigger than a drinks bottle, and it’s light enough to throw in a bag at just 1kg. A magnetic stand is supplied in the box that can protect the lens in transit, and JmGo couldn’t have done a better job in designing this accessory. Reasonably weighty the magnetic stand holds the View firmly in place on a flat surface, where its cylindrical groove is perfectly paired to the projector, allowing you to position it at any angle you wish - and it will stay there. 

Bundled with the View is a small black remote control. It’s not as intriguing as the cylindrical remote supplied with the G1, but we’re thankful for this. Not only is that controller more design-conscious than it is user-friendly, it isn’t always responsive. The new remote lets you change the volume, navigate menus, return to the home screen, mute the sound, turn on- or off the device, and re-focus the projector - all with ease. Alternatively you can install an Android app on your phone that does much the same thing (an iOS app is coming soon). 

The View has a built-in 15,600mAh battery, which lets you project images in previously impossible places - such as in a tent, a client’s kitchen or a friend’s living room. Battery life very much depends on how you use the device; in our tests we got just a few minutes over two hours, but less intensive usage should improve things. JmGo says you’ll get in excess of three hours with standard usage, five hours in power-saving mode, and eight hours for music playback. 

We’d love to see the View charge over a more common connection such as Micro-USB, which would also allow you to charge it from a power bank rather than a mains adaptor on the go, but if it can get through 15,600mAh of power in two hours it simply wouldn’t be able to do so fast enough. Still, two hours should be enough for most presentations, and if you’re at a friends you can likely use their mains power. 

When you’re not using the View as a projector it can be turned into a Bluetooth speaker, and a 4W speaker with Dolby Digital Plus is situated at either end of the device behind a black grille. The G1 has four 5W speakers for even more immersive sound, but we were impressed by the sound quality and the volume the View was capable of, and it’s more than ample for home movie nights, office presentations and in drowning out any noise created by the JmGo itself. See all projector reviews.

JmGo View

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