Creative and Apple have long been arch enemies in the MP3 player market. After this culminated in court hearings, things went quiet for a while. Now it looks as though Creative fancies another go, this time snapping at Apple's foreshortened Shuffle with its Zen Stone.

Creative derided Apple for plugging a tiny MP3 player on which you couldn't select the songs you heard and that had no screen displaying details of what was currently playing. However, Creative's Zen Stone is a featherlight, pebble-shaped player that mimics precisely those non-attributes of Apple's Shuffle that Creative mocked. So the Zen Stone is a bit of a volte-face.

However, it's also far cheaper than a Shuffle of a comparable size. With dozens of dinky no-brand MP3 players undercutting each other online and on the high street, the pedigree of Creative's £27 Zen Stone ought to turn heads. The shiny black plastic Stone we were sent for review inspired non-committal umms here at PC Advisor Towers, but it's also available in juicy lime green as well as pink, red, white and bright blue.