I’ve always been a fan of the full-protection smartphone case, saving not just the sides and back but the screen from bumps, scratches and cracks. After all, the screen is probably the least sturdy part of a phone, and the side you look at and interact with the most.

The compromise you get with the full-protection smartphone cases is ease and speed of use. You have to flip, unclip or unwrap the screen-side protection before seeing, tapping or even revealing the action-side of the phone.

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This doesn’t have to take long, and can be practised to a ninja-like skill but it’s not immediate. And immediacy is one of those things we expect of gadgetry these days.

The Walletslim from Sena doesn’t have any screen cover, although the sides push the screen back a bit from slight contact damage.

I surprised myself by really liking this iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 case, despite (maybe because of) the lack of screen cover.

I can pull the iPhone from my pocket, flick it on and start talking, tapping and taking photos as quickly as I could a naked phone.

The lens cut-outs are generous, ensuring nothing obstructs the cameras – as long as you push your business or credit cards firmly into the available two handy card pockets at the back.

The WalletSlim comes in various solid colours (black, tan red) in classic leather and in croco leather.

Like most Sena mobile-device cases it is handcrafted from fine Italian Napa leather.

It features all the expected port cut-outs, including Proximity Sensor, charge/sync port and camera lens/flash openings.

There’s a secure snap closure that doesn’t interfere with operation in any way.

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Sena Walletslim iPhone case: Specs

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 and 4S


The Sena Walletslim is the first iPhone case I’ve taken to that doesn’t have a screen cover. It feels robust despite the open front, boasts a couple of smart, back-mounted card pockets and has the usual Sena luxury leather looks and feel.