The Sena MagnetFlipper iPhone case is a cool, smart mobile case that looks great and offers all-round protection.

There are thousands of iPhone cases out there and we can't test them all here, but we have ensured that we review the quality ones. And you don't get much higher quality than the cases made by Sena.

Sena cases are handcrafted using fine Italian leathers. They don't look like run-of-the-mill iPhone cases, and ooze quality. We've previously reviewed the Sena Walletskin iPhone case, and liked its double use as a card-carrying wallet.

That case is a little bulky for some, however, so we were keen to try out some of the slimmer cases.

The MagnetFlipper is less bulky than the Walletskin but still has space for a credit card or a few business cards.

Sena MagnetFlipper iPhone case review

Its protective padded flap has a hinged bottom and neat magnetic fastening system at the top. The back is rigid foe stress protection.

The phone remains protected all the time you're not using it, but the case is easy to pop open when a call comes in or you need to use an app.

The MagnetFlipper is available in various colours in smooth and croco leather (pictured above). Also check out Sena's similar Sarach Flip iPhone case - of which I prefer the bottom rather than top flip cover.

If you fancy looking like a plum you can use the supplied belt clip. Why case manufacturers persist in supplying belt clips is beyond us, but we presume there must still be people out there who think the look's a good one.

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The Sena MagnetFlipper iPhone case is stylish, slim and super functional, and wouldn’t look out of place in the most fashionable suit or handbag.

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