The Sena Leatherskin iPhone case protects your smartphone with a rigid backplate but leaves its face open for immediate use.

There are thousands of iPhone cases out there and we can't test them all here, but we have ensured that we review the quality ones. And you don't get much higher quality than the cases made by Sena.

Sena cases are handcrafted using fine Italian leathers. They don't look like run-of-the-mill iPhone cases, and ooze quality. We've previously reviewed the Sena Walletskin iPhone case, and liked its double use as a card-carrying wallet.

The Sena Leatherskin iPhone case is very similar to the Walletskin but is not as bulky, which put some of our testers off the former.

Sena Leatherskin iPhone case review

It's slimmer because it eschews the wallet side, offering protection without the added functionality.

This minimalist approach keeps the iPhone constantly ready for making/answering calls or using any installed apps.

As the iPhone front is glass there are few ways that it can be scratched (unless you have diamond encrusted fingernails) so the lack of frontal protection isn't as serious as with other mobiles.

It is available in various colours in smooth and croco leather.

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The Sena Leatherskin is a no-nonense form-hugging protective iPhone case that leaves the front open for immediate use.

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