The Sena Dockable iPhone case is smart, both in looks and abilities.

There are thousands of iPhone cases out there and we can't test them all here, but we have ensured that we review the quality ones. And you don't get much higher quality than the cases made by Sena.

Sena cases are handcrafted using fine Italian leathers. They don't look like run-of-the-mill iPhone cases, and ooze quality. We've previously reviewed the Sena Walletskin iPhone case, and liked its double use as a card-carrying wallet.

The problem with many iPhone cases is that you have to remove the device when you want to place it in a dock or in a speaker system, for instance.

Sena's Dockable case promises to leave the iPhone in its protective case while still enabling docking.

Sena Dockable iPhone case review

An added bonus is that you can snap the pop fastener backwards to create a stand for the iPhone, which can be very handy rather than having to lean the upright phone against another object. This is something I loved about Proporta's Alu-Leather Edge iPhone case.

There's an optional belt clip supplied for those who prefer the 90s fashion look.

It is available in various colours in smooth leather and in black pebble leather.

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The Sena Dockable iPhone case is not as quick to flip open as the same company's MagnetFlipper case but its ability to be docked while still wearing its smart suit and its really rather handy freestanding trick makes this a stylish iPhone case that literally stands out from the crowd.

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