abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application full review

Simple but effective, abcNotes is a memo app for iPhone and iPad for keeping essential memos and notes laid out in a beautiful graphical interface

Taking notes and splaying them around the iPhone screen as photo-realistic stationery is the straightforward aim of abcNotes. It’s a straightforward app, yet one that may prove attractive in its very simplicity.

You can choose from a selection of 84 richly-coloured and tasteful wallpapers to serve as backdrop to the notes that you create. These wallpapers are so well-designed and apt for purpose as discreet but stylish backgrounds, we wondered how we could use them as the iPhone’s own wallpaper.

abcNotes Desktop Background

Professional desktop images are included as wallpaper for the abcNotes memo-taking app

You can change style of note, colour, and font style and size. Styles include ring-binder book, faded desk notepad, ink-splatted school notebook

Once you have a note on its desktop, you can move it around the screen as well as ‘kick’ it to a jaunty angle using a two-finger rotate gesture.

You can only go to 45 degrees, though, so can’t run text vertically up the screen. Resizing of the little Post-it memos is also possible by pinch action.

On our iPhone 4, we could have up to nine different virtual desktops, each with their own layout of notes.

By pressing and holding any note, you’re presented with a list of Note Actions. From here you can, for example, email the note, or move it to a different desktop.

abcNotes Desktops

Like Linux virtual desktops or Mac OS X Spaces, you can simultaneously have different desktops to switch between

The process of emailing was strangely slowed, by having to wait several seconds every time for the To: address field to accept an address.

Our only minor issue with the interface: when changing text style and size, there is no immediate feedback on what you’ve changed to, until you return to the notes that you’re writing.

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abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application: Specs

  • iPhone or iPad
  • requires iOS 3.0 or later