Maybe the designer’s keyboard just suffered a Caps Lock failure halfway through their moment of product-naming inspiration.

But the Scosche strikeLINE PRO gets billed as ‘the perfect solution for on-the-go lifestyles’, so it patently deserves shouting out at least half its name, if only to be heard above all the noise that must go with these on-the-go lifestyles.

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The Scosche strikeLINE PRO does take an important role though, especially for anyone who’s owned an iPod or iPhone in the last ten years and has now upgraded to an iPhone 5, iPad 4 or iPad mini.

Yes, Apple changed the long-running dock connector on the ubiquitous Apple sync’n’charge cable, so all those white USB dock leads that have managed to tangle themselves from work to home are effectively orphaned. And now you can never find that one new Lightning cable that you’d thought you’d packed, but actually left at home today.

So the Scosche strikeLINE PRO is a particularly welcome USB to Lightning cable, especially as it’s one that handily ravels itself up when you need to stow it.

Unlike similar spring-loaded USB cables we’ve seen, this one is a genuinely high-quality piece of iAccessory. The wire itself is relatively chunky and flat-sectioned, which helps it to coil up neat and tidy inside the reel.

The action feels good, like it'll last longer than the christmas-cracker editions we've seen of regular retractable earphone and USB cables made in the same spring-action style.

All retracted, it’s just 115mm from plug to plug. When pulled, this model stretches to over a metre.

As an Apple-licensed Lightning cable, it also worked well in its main job of charging our iPhone 5, and let us zip new music across to it as designed.

Just make sure you follow the Scosche strikeLINE PRO cable’s only instruction: ‘pull from each end to extend. Do not pull from one side!’


Simple but surprisingly effective, the Scosche strikeLINE PRO serves as a good example of a third-party Lightning cable, and one that will reel itself into a pocketable little drum on demand. It’s a fiver more than Apple’s but it’ll repay the investment in saved time from picking apart the inevitable tangles. Lovely.