TomTom U.K. & Ireland full review

TomTom is one of the best known names in satnav, and while the company is famous for its standalone satnav devices it has a strong background in smartphone apps too. The TomTom software is available for the iPhone at a cost of £49.99 for the UK and Ireland version, £79.99 for the Europe version. Other map areas are available and TomTom can be purchased for the iPad too. For accuracy – and so your iPhone doesn’t slip-slide across the dashboard, TomTom sells an iPhone cradle that also boosts the antenna.

TomTom has some of the most visually efficient design of any navigation application. The sharp, clear road mapping with a panel at the bottom of the screen indicating distance to next turn is easy to read at a glance. Lane guidance is similarly well designed with clear visuals showing which lane you need to aim for at complex junctions.

You can spend more money within the app and buy HD Traffic for routing round traffic problems. Fixed speed cameras are included, but another in-app purchase provides access to mobile speed camera data.

Less useful – but fun – is the collection of voices giving directions including the likes of Darth Vader and Homer Simpson. Like HD Traffic they are in-app purchases, and we can’t say the idea makes us want to part with money.

With basic routing nailed TomTom has developed some strong additional features such as local searching with Google, and its IQ Route system which uses crowdsourced data to deliver pretty accurate travel times.