Scanner Pro full review

Scanner Pro from Readdle has been around for a few years,offering the ability to turn your iOS device into a funky, portable scanner. Although it's pitched as a business app, scanning receipts for expenses claims for example, it has wide appeal. It's a useful tool for study, reference and simply capturing information - travel and ticket details, articles and recipes - to be saved and shared.

Unlike simply taking a snapshot with your built in camera, Scanner Pro saves images you capture, or have stored on your iOS device, as industry-standard PDF files. The app also has built in features to allow users to fine tune those images, using what Readdle calls "special algorithms" to enhance image quality. Providing you have a steady hand or somewhere to sit your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch this works well, although the vintage of your iOS device and its camera plays a role here. Clearly, the better the camera, the better the scans. Those scans can be combined into longer documents and saved in landscape and portrait modes, while custom page size is supported to fit the physical size of the original document. See also: New iPad review.

The latest update Scanner Pro 4.1 builds on a solid foundation, reflected in generally good user feedback and an impressive base of around half a million users worldwide. iPhone users now enjoy a new, refined interface that is focused on making the scanning process simple and intuitive. Readdle has also added iCloud sync support so you can share documents between iOS devices without the need to email them back and forth. Additionally you can back up documents quickly to Dropbox, Google Docs and Evernote. If you still need to fax documents you can but need to purchase an in app fax unit pack starting at 69p for a single page document. See also: iPad app reviews and iPhone app reviews

Readdle Scanner Pro


Scanner Pro: Specs

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.