Crayola ColorStudio HD full review

The Griffin Crayola ColorStudio App for iPad allows your children to create endless pictures and colourings. The App is free but you can purchase the iMarker, a digital stylus that can be used to colour instead of your finger.  It is slightly more comfortable but offers no more precision than a fingertip because of the wide tip to the pen.

The app itself is very good and has three modes: Make a coloring page, Coloring pages and Free draw.  Six categories of colouring pages are provided, as well as five different pen types: brush, pencil, marker pen, wax crayon and felt tip.  Each different pen creates much the same stroke texture, but the choice of colours available for each varies widely. Wax crayons have the largest selection, while the marker pen and felt tips options are each limited to 10.

To make a colouring page mode you drag in backgrounds, as well as clip art; text bubbles; visual effects and songs. The clip art is resizable and can be rotated as well as flipped, brought to the front of the image or deleted.

Once you have finished designing your Coloring page it can be saved and then draw on in the Coloring pages mode.

Free draw mode is essentially a blank piece of paper. You can use whichever pens and colours you like without sticking to the lines. Once you’ve completed a drawing, young kids will be diverted by the fact some of the picture elements become animated.