Calendars by Readdle for iPhone and iPad full review

Calendars by Readdle is just one of a number of apps available on the iTunes Store designed to extend and enhance Apple's own built-in iOS Calendar. Readdle's version also works with Google Calendar and integrates well with each, creating an app that feels a credible alternative to both. Readdle's latest update, compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6, benefits particularly from an attractive, considered user interface, which makes good use of colour coding and makes keeping track of daily, weekly and monthly events simple and intuitive, especially on the iPad. See CoPilot Live HD Premium review.

That simplicity is evident as you dig a little deeper, the ability to set SMS text reminders and drag and drop events, for example, makes light work of changing your schedule, although adding data can be tedious and fiddly on the smaller iPhone and iPod screen. Readdle's app offers a useful search function, excellent support for custom repeating events and the option to invite friends and colleagues to existing and new events. If you have the memory of agoldfish, you can set up SMS text reminders for your most important dates, by adding yourphone number to the Google Calendar settings. See also iPlayer Radio review.

As apps go Calendars by Readdle isn't exactly cheap at £4.99, but isn't the most expensive third party calendar available, and we feel despite the price tag it still offers value for money. If you aren't already using Apple's own Calendar app, or do so sparingly, then you'd be better of spending your money elsewhere, as Readdle's alternative requires commitment, like all similar productivity apps, to get the best out of it.

Needless to say we would love Readdle to develop a Mac desktop version of Calendars to help make the chore of entering data that bit easier. See our iPhone 5 review and iPad 4 review.

Calendars by Readdle   Calendars by Readdle for iPhone and iPad review


Calendars by Readdle for iPhone and iPad: Specs

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later - optimised for iPhone 5.