Bamboo Stylus full review

As one of the pricier offerings on the market, some may accuse Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus (£24.99) of attempting to rest on the laurels of its brand recognition – the company’s pressure-sensitive Intuos and Cintiq tablets have long been favoured by the digital illustration community. But that’s simply not so. See How to make a stylus.

While the Bamboo resembles many of the other rubber-nib tools here, once you pick it up, it’s obvious how much care and craftsmanship the company has put into this stylus. Go to Best Draw Something Stylus.

The pen is perfectly balanced – and I do mean perfectly – in your hand, with just the right amount of weight distributed along the metal-framed body. Draw Something review.

And unlike with other well-balanced styluses I've tried, the people at Wacom have managed to give the Bamboo the necessary heft while keeping it as slim as a ballpoint pen.

Drawing with this stylus is lovely, as, like the Kuel H10, it employs a smaller (6mm) silicone-rubber tip.

But writing takes the prize here, without a doubt. I was able to jot down notes at several angles without ever needing to rest my hand on the iPad’s bezel to be comfortable.

In addition, while this procedure probably isn’t sanctioned by Wacom, you can get even better angles by unscrewing the metal shaft around the tip of the stylus to expose more of the sides of the nib. If you’re drawing, this trick is invaluable for shading.