Just about everyone is jumping on the stylus bandwagon at the moment. Most are much of a muchness, combining a ball-point pen with a capacitive screen stylus on the other end - differentiating themselves merely by being a different colour and having a different manufacturer logo.

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The iCrayon breaks the mould in this respect and is considerably more fun. It doesn't have a biro in it - it's simply a rubber stick that's just under 90mm in length. This means it's perfectly safe for kids (and big kids) to use on your delicate iPad, smartphone or other tablet screen, and you don't have to worry about them using the wrong end and scratching it.

The tip isn't solid as you might imagine - it's soft and slightly pointier than most styli. Despite its short, fat stature it's actually quite accurate when drawing a picture in Draw Something.

It's available in green, black and red and costs just £7.95 from prezzybox.com.


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iCrayon: Specs

  • Compatible with: iPads, iPhone and touchscreens
  • Compatible with: iPads, iPhone and touchscreens


At this low price, the iCrayon is a great no-frills stylus. It may be a little short for big hands, but it's ideal for kids, and a decent gift choice as well.