Scribbly stylus review

On first inspection the Scribbly pen stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and realistically any capacitive touchscreen device, resembles a permanent marker pen you forgot to put the top back on.  Stout yet lightweight, its chunky looks are deceiving. The pen's soft, seemingly durable nib, is precise and responsive, offering good control on even the smaller iPhone and iPod screen. The Scribbly also proves a versatile pen, equally useful for daily tasks as well as more creative endeavours such as drawing, painting and photo editing. When you want to give your fingers and thumbs a rest, it’s also a fair companion for many games we've played. See also Group test: what's the best tablet PC accessory?

It's also comfy and we suspect very child friendly not just because it resembles a fat crayon but because its size means it’s unlikely ever to be a potential choking hazard. Size is another plus if you are prone to mislaying or losing smaller pens. Build is good, and it’s so far survived numerous trips in various pockets and bags without signs of wear and tear. For small and big kids alike, the Scribbly comes in a range of attractive colours.

Scribbly is the work of two British lads, designers Jonny Philp and Tristan Watson, who should be applauded for getting the pen out there without simply rebadging some off the shelfsolution via the Far East. The pair have plans to expand the business and we can only wish them well. Distributed by Computers Unlimited, Scribbly is available via, along with a range of retailers, including Amazon and Carphone Warehouse.

Scribbly stylus


The Scribbly pen stylus is a good all rounder for iPad and tablet sized devices particularly, that ensures responsive and precise mark making despite deceiving chunky looks. While versatile, it’s a joy to use when drawing and painting digitally, that can only help get those creative juices flowing.