M9P full review

Fully compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, the £24.99 inc VAT MeElectronics M9Ps will work with any audio device that has a 3.5mm jack. So that’s pretty much every MP3 player, smartphone and tablet. Shop around, and you can find them for less than £20, too.

Audio quality is nice, as good if not better than several more expensive ‘phones we've tested recently. The M9Ps come with a 9mm driver that boasts neodymium magnets. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz, and the M9P cans have a sensitivity of 95dB and an impedence of 16Ohms. What does that mean in practice? Well, the bass is deep and the highs crystal clear. Mid-tones could have more impact, in our opinion, but overall the M9Ps provide a refreshingly warm sound at a decent volume. The noise isolation is good, too (we kept missing phonecalls!).

Kudos also goes to MeElectronics for making the M9P earphones relatively robust. Where sometimes in-ear phones can feel like an accident waiting to happen, the M9P's cable is thick and wrapped in plastic. Its silver snake-like styling won't be to everyone's taste but with a gold-plaited 3.5mm jack that is set at a right-angle to prevent damage, the M9Ps are likely to last in even the hands of the most clumsy user (guilty, your honour). And the cable is long, at 130cm. The build quality is topped off by a metallic finish that gives the earbuds a pleasing heft. There's an inline microphone, a shirt clip and a slider to separate the cables. The whole package is topped off by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. See also: MeElectronics Air-Fi AF32 review.

Adding to the sense of invulnerability, you get a clamshell, hard-backed, carry case that zips up and will fit in your pocket. It’s surprisingly nice. You’d actually use it. In public.

There are five pairs of rubber ear-tips, too, in varying sizes. One will fit you, and that's a Matt guarantee. And when they do, as well as the excellent noise isolation, they’re comfortable. We happily used them at the gym, and they never fell out even during a vigorous workout. (And I sweat. A lot.) See also: Group test - what are the best headphones?


M9P: Specs

  • 9.0mm driver unit, 95dB sensitivity, 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, 16Ohm impedance, 15mW max power input, 130cm cable, inline mic, carry case