Hard Candy StylusPen full review

Bringing to mind the Fisher Space Pen, Hard Candy’s StylusPen (£29.95) is encased in a 82g, weighted chrome shell. See also How to make a stylus.

You remove the metal cap on one end to access a capacitive rubber nib; you remove the other to access a pen for paper note-taking and sketching.

In theory, this dual-end option makes sense for travelers or business people looking to keep their bags free of multiple writing utensils.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of snags to the pen’s design. For one, while the silver-bullet look is beautiful to behold, the only way to figure out which end of the StylusPen is which is to memorize the positions relative to the Hard Candy logo.

I was lucky enough to avoid accidentally uncapping and using the ballpoint pen on my iPad's screen, but I can imagine this happening quite easily if you're not paying attention.

The second issue is that when either end is uncapped, the cap itself doesn’t fit on the other end of the pen.

You must set it upright – so it doesn’t roll – or put in a pocket, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to use the stylus in transit.

Those flaws aside, the stylus’s weight makes it one of the best utensils available for virtual writing on the iPad, keeping your lines solid at almost any angle without needing to apply too much pressure, and the pen fits comfortably in your hand.

It might be a bit too heavy for extended drawing or note-taking, but for less-intensive use, it's quite competent.