The Disc Publisher SE from Primera uses a Pioneer DVD+R/-R drive to burn and print up to 20 blank discs at a time.

There's also a much more expensive Blu-ray-compatible version of the Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE, with a Panasonic drive.

Compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple Macs, the Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE uses a robotic arm to slickly transport discs from burner to printer. It then prints to any inkjet-compatible DVD+R/-R media.

Setup is a cinch, although we found the software marginally more straightforward to use on a Windows PC than an Apple Mac. In either case you whack in the provided disc and follow the wizard to install the Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE's software. (It's a pleasant change to see Macs catered for in this way.)

Next you apply the power cord. Our test model Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE had problems maintaining power supply, which made operation tricky. A different power pack solved this issue, and Primera assures us this problem is not endemic.

Installing the Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE's ink cartridge is also mercifully devoid of drama (and, in our case at least, impromptu tattoos).

The Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE connects to your PC via USB, so ensure you have an available USB 2.0 port. This may become an issue if you use the Disc Publisher regularly, but also connect to a networked printer. Users who need networking capabilities should invest in the Primera DP-XRn.

Operation is simplicity itself. The provided software focuses on three functions: replicating a master disc, creating a disc from your PC and designing/choosing artwork. Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE's tech support is available through the provided Help materials, as well as on the phone and online.

The Primera Optical Disc Publisher SE can print three-colour, photo-quality at up to 4800dpi. The results are professional, if not rapid. Primera claims up to 10 DVDs and 20 CDs can be burned and printed in an hour, and our informal tests bore this out.

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