Lexmark Z845 full review

Lexmark doesn't market its Z845 as a photo printer, so we weren't surprised that it lacked memory card slots, an LCD display or a PictBridge connection. However, the Lexmark's maximum resolution of 4,800x1,200dpi is more than enough to produce finely detailed photos.

The Lexmark has a low-slung posture and beige colour scheme. In places the build quality in the realms of the questionable - the rear panel flexes rather unnervingly.

Another grumble we have is with the Lexmark's reliance on two cartridges, with the colours combined into a single unit. Ignore the marketing blurb, this just isn't cost-efficient - a point confirmed when the cartridge ran dry after eight A4 test prints. Considering that cartridges start at around £15, the Lexmark could prove more expensive to run than a car. For such a hefty outlay, print times are a little below par, photos taking an average of six minutes to appear.

The Lexmark software includes a copy of Fast Pics. This allows basic image editing and correction, but it isn't as intuitive to use as some free applications we have seen.

With the settings cranked up, the Z845 is capable of decent prints. Colour saturation is generally good and accurate, if a little warm, while prints exhibit impressive levels of finer detail. Photo prints would benefit from a shade more contrast, as the midtones often appear a little murky which results in a drop in clarity. Otherwise, we found the Lexmark to perform very well.


Lexmark Z845: Specs

  • A4 inkjet printer
  • average high-res A4 print time 6 min 4 seconds
  • 6x4, 2 min 28 seconds
  • print quality 3/5