Epson Stylus R265 full review

The chunky Epson Stylus R265 is quite an imposing lump, with far bulkier dimensions than the other A4 printers we tested. In fact, the Epson is so large it could easily be mistaken for an all-in-one, especially as its stocky profile seems large enough to house a flatbed scanner.

Style-wise the Epson isn't the most thrilling peripheral to tether to your PC, but it's certainly functional and pretty well built. And we applaud Epson’s decision to use individual inks, meaning less waste and lower cost.

As with the Canon Pixma IP4300 and Lexmark Z845, there aren't any memory card slots, nor an LCD display, but there is a PictBridge port. A bundled adaptor enables the Epson to print directly to CDs and DVDs, but there isn't a separate tray for 6x4in paper.

Epson bundles a handy selection of software that, while not terribly advanced, will help you perform basic adjustments to ready your snaps for printing.

Previous Epson printers have been loud, but the R265 is comparatively quiet with a gentle humming indicating activity. For all this, print times are lethargic and the maximum quality A4 prints took five minutes to appear - hardly a match for the speedy Canon.

Even so, print quality is extremely good overall and well worth the wait. Rich colour saturation is both balanced and accurate. Finer print detail is quite impressive, although it's no match for the Canon, which had the edge with slightly sharper definition and stronger contrast.


Epson Stylus R265: Specs

  • A4 inkjet printer
  • average high-res A4 print time 5 min 4 seconds
  • 6x4, 2 min 8 seconds
  • print quality 4/5