steelseries SIBERIA V2 full review

If there was an award for 'headphones that would suit a Star Wars stormtrooper the most', then the steelseries Siberia V2 would win it hands down - but we're not sure if that's a good thing or not?

These are not cosmos bimbos though, when it comes to delivering quality audio, the SIBERIA V2 isn't found wanting. We listened to a mixture of soul and modern rock while experimenting with our equaliser at the same time - the headphones' response to our eclectic mix and constant fiddling was impressive and they managed a clean output throughout. The bass punched the sides our head nicely while the vocals and higher notes were confident and true. The trademark steelseries extractable headphone is a major plus point for any gamer too. A sterling effort.

However, there are a few of annoying habits that the SIBERIA has; firstly the noise leaks through the headphones like a broken colander, which may not be too annoying if you listen to cool music, but it made me think twice about listening to Adele in the office too loudly. Secondly the cable that comes with the headphones is pathetically short. I had serious trouble when I tried to plug these headphones into the back of my iMac and ended up with my nose almost touching the screen -  so I wish anyone trying to plug these into an audio port that isn't right under their noses the very best of luck. A final downside to these headphones, is that while they have a nice leather cushion to go around the ears, they do become pretty uncomfortable to wear after a while. Maybe this is because they are designed to keep the headphones tight to your head to improve noise cancellation - nevertheless, pain is never a good thing, even if it does combat external noises.

It's pretty clear where these headphones are going right and wrong. And that is, for their price, they offer as good sound quality as you're likely to get. But, the sound quality fails to paper over the cracks. The design of the headphones isn't quite up to scratch, simple things like a short cable, leaky sound and plain uncomfortableness, are enough to make you think again about buying them.

All-in-all it's fair to describe the steelseries SIBERIA V2's as a pretty good set of headphones if consider their forgiving price tag. Must try harder.