Tracks HD full review

These sleek and simply designed headphones deliver a solid sound quality. Plus, you can customize the headband, cord, and earpieces on these cans, making them uniquely yours. Read our Sol Republic Tracks HD review to find out more.

Sol Republic Tracks HD review: Build, design, style:

Don't let the simple design of these headphones fool you—these are quite solid cans. The earpieces' exterior is made from a solid brushed chrome which adds a nice solid feeling, though it can make them a bit heavy. Contrast that with the nearly indestructible headband that can be twisted and pulled every which way without snapping.

The headphones sit easily on your ears and don't feel too bulky, though we found they do start to feel a bit tight on the ears after a couple hours of continuous wear.

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We like the Tracks' sleek design. Compared to other big, bulky and plastic cans on the market, these have a more understated look that doesn't shout to every passer-by "Look, I'm wearing big, expensive headphones!" The Tracks HD keep it simple with just the headband and earpieces. The cable also has a three-button mic and music switch. The switch is compatible with Apple products and can be used to easily change volume, skip songs, and make calls. Sol Republic says the control is likely to work with most Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices too - we tested them on an Android smartphone and onlt the play/pause and skip track button worked. The cable wasn't too long either, making it less likely you'll get caught on passing objects.

The headband's flexibility and strength could make up for the fact that the headphones themselves can't actually be folded. The only way to make the headphones smaller is to slide the earpieces off the headband. The headphones do come with a small soft carrying case that can come in handy—if you're so inclined to actually put them into the case.

Tracks HD in two headband colours, red and blue. They're also available in grey and black.

The Tracks HD are adjusted by sliding the earpieces up and down the headband. Sliding the earpieces was also a bit difficult when wearing the headphones, making adjustment a bit more cumbersome. They slide fairly easy, and once you've got them in place, we didn't see any problems with them slipping during use.

We like how easy it is to customize the Tracks. You can buy headbands in other colours—John Lewis sells them for £24.95 and in colours like blue, purple, orange, pink, and red. You can also get the ClearTalk cable with microphone in five different colours for £15.95, also from John Lewis also.

These headphones aren't noise cancelling by any means, though we were surprised how well they delivered sound at a relatively low volume even in a busy train station. As for sound leakage, be aware that your neighbours on the train will be able to hear too if you're blasting your music at full volume, so either play something that isn't embarrassing or turn the volume down a little.

Sol Republic Tracks HS: Sound quality

These cans deliver a solid sound quality that definitely doesn't disappoint. We tested a range of music including Passion Pit, Kanye West, and Ellie Goulding, and were pleasantly surprised by the sound quality.

Electronic/synthesized higher tones come through with excellent clarity and are balanced with a nice strong base that certainly doesn't overpower. These cans passed the train station test with flying colours here—"Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus came through clearly without having to crank the volume by any means.