Pioneer SE-CL331-H full review

The Pioneer SE-CL331-H headphones are very basic in-ear headphones. The only concession to the extra requirements of athletes is a small nubbin on the rear side of the earpiece that helps to keep them in place. Visit Group test: what are the best headphones?

They look and feel quite cheap – but then again, they are quite cheap. One nice touch is a red accent on the right hand unit (other than that they are entirely white) ?to help you instantly know which is which. See also Jays a-JAYS One Plus headphones review.

You get a good range of ear tips: four different sizes. The fit was perfectly comfortable but not especially secure; we were mostly fine during our work-out, but light to moderate pressure on the cable causes the earbuds to pop out. Even if this doesn’t happen, there’s a constant nagging feeling that it might.

Sound quality was basic, as we expected from the price tag, but by no means unpleasant. Our disco track showed up a lack of bass power – there was a bit of a percussive kick, but this was experienced around the back of the head, rather than deep in the gut like with the best offerings in this category. And the bass was quite tinny and harsh, especially when we pushed them to high volumes.

Pioneer SE-CL331-H review

The Pioneer SE-CL331-H in-ear headphones are pretty average in terms of performance and price

Pop was more manageable – as tends to be the case with lower-end headphones – although both drums and vocals felt somewhat artificial. But the overall sound here was warmer. Jazz was a nice surprise: brass reproduction was rich and warm.
Finally, sound leakage was pleasingly minimal.


Pioneer SE-CL331-H: Specs

  • Headphone frequency: 10 - 20000 Hz
  • Headphone sensitivity: 110 dB
  • Maximum Input Power 100 mW
  • Cable Length 1.2m
  • 5g