Jabra Halo 2 full review

We were fans of the original Halo headphones, but now Jabra has released the new Halo 2s, which it claims provide even better sound quality.

The basic design hasn’t changed much, and the headphones use the same folding, over-ear design as before. The earpieces fold inwards, so they can be slipped into your pocket. Visit Group test: what are the best headphones?

The built-in rechargeable battery should give you about eight hours of music playback, and the headphones automatically turn themselves on and off when you fold or unfold them, so you don’t have to worry about wasting the battery. Unlike most Bluetooth headphones, the Halo 2s come with an audio cable that lets you use them as ordinary wired headphones with non-Bluetooth devices.

Jaba claims that the Halo 2s’ biggest improvement is that they now include ‘virtual surround sound’ and improved bass output. To be honest, we didn’t really get much sense of a surround sound effect from the Halo 2s, but the bass was very full and helped to add depth to the overall sound.

We do have a couple of complaints, though. The touch-sensitive controls are a bit fiddly. The earpieces also sit quite lightly over your ears, which means that they leak a lot of sound and will annoy everyone around you if you’re using them on a train or plane.

Jabra Halo 2

Buying Advice:

The Halo 2s are a little pricey, but produce a satisfying sound. However, their design means they aren’t a good choice for listening to music in public places.


Jabra Halo 2: Specs

  • Range 10 meters
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Pair up to 8 devices - only two at the same time (MultiUse)
  • Bluetooth 1.1 and higher
  • (Folded) D 45mm x W 132mm x H 78mm, (Unfolded) D 45mm x W 136mm x H 165-190mm