Hanns-G HL272 full review

If you’re finding that one monitor is just not enough, or your laptop just feels too cramped for showcasing photos and playing movies, then a large-screen LCD panel is the way to go. More display reviews.

The Hanns-G HL272 is Hanns-G’s latest such effort, a 27in TN, backlit panel rated with 300cd/m2 brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. More large display reviews.

The contrast was plenty in the test environment while the brightness was more than enough and should stand up well in quite bright rooms. That and the size of the thing make is a good home entertainment option as well.

Being a TN panel you’d expect a fast response time and at a rated 5ms this is good enough. In fact for a TN panel it’s pretty average but in practice it’s easily capable of dealing with fast moving graphics and films. There’s also a couple of small speakers built-in.

The maximum resolution is 1920x1080 so that’s full HD. Great for films, but for a large display like this it means that text doesn’t look as crisp as either a smaller display or one this size with a higher resolution.

It’s okay to look at, but no more than that. Looking at the perfectly black screen for light leak there’s some in the bottom left and also along the bottom itself. Nothing major, but it’s there. The opposite white screen test shows some darkening in the bottom right and discolouring along the top. Note that this is better than the 28in Hanns.G panel we looked at in the recent monitor roundup, but it’s not as good as anything from an IPS display.

So, to the calibration testing then, which was carried out with the Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite. Once calibrated the display offers perfectly fine rendition of shadows, highlights and skin tones. The sRGB coverage offers 96% while AdobeRGB is average at 75% and NTSC as well at 70%

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