The X1950XTX is an updated X1900XTX, sporting much faster DDR4 memory and an increased memory bandwidth of around 15GBps (gigabytes per second). This will give it a sizable performance advantage once the drivers mature.

And the cooler has been significantly improved. It is now mercifully quiet and effective, running the entire length of the card and exhaling hot air from the back of the case.

The bundle contains the usual assortment of audiovisual cables and twin DVI-VGA adapters, although the lacklustre Sapphire Select gaming bundle has been replaced with a copy of the Da Vinci Code video game – itself rather uninspiring.

Sapphire X1950XTX: Specs


Given the impressive specs, it was surprising that the X1950XTX had a hard time shaking off the Gainward 7900GTX: it held an advantage on some games, but fell behind on others. The X1950XTX gave the EVGA 7950 GX2 Super Clocked a good run for its money and we reckon it's the best single GPU-based card around – and for considerably less money than the GX2.