A refreshed 7900GT, the 7950GT benefits from increased clock frequencies, especially on this Gainward Golden Sample version. It has had its core and memory speeds tweaked to 580MHz and 1,500MHz, and runs at the same speed as the EVGA KO – the G71 core and 24 pixel pipelines are found on both cards. But the EVGA has slightly faster onboard RAM.

The 7950GT Golden Sample employs the same double-height cooler as the Gainward 7900GS. It's a bit bulky and makes the slot directly underneath it unusable, but is efficient and quiet, even under major loads.

The retail bundle is also the same as that of the 7900GS, from cables and DVI adapters to software.

Gainward 7950GT Golden Sample: Specs


The 7950GT's specifications are very similar to the those of the EVGA 7900 GT KO 256MB, so it was hardly a surprise that the two cards remained within spitting distance of each other throughout our benchmarks. The Gainward can be picked up for around £30 less, so it gets our thumbs up.