The 7900GTX is a more finely tuned card than the EVGA 7950 GX2 Super Clocked, with a faster (single) GPU and onboard memory. It's based around the reference 650MHz/1,600MHz core and memory frequencies and has 24 pixel pipelines.

The Gainward is a double-height affair: a cooler eats into the space below the PCI Express slot. But it's blissfully quiet and a highly efficient design, which vents hot air out of the case in a similar way to the Sapphire X1950XTX.

The bundle provides the usual array of cable and adapters, as well as a copy of PowerDVD and the Muvee video-editing package. There is a voucher to claim a free game, but the titles on offer are usually found in the bargain bin.

Gainward 7900GTX: Specs


From a performance point of view, there's little to complain about. On the demanding Oblivion, the Gainward didn't excel but, overall, it was fast as the X1950XTX – and that's quick. It compared less favourably with the GX2, but it’s still blisteringly quick – and £100 cheaper.