This review appears in the January 2007 issue of PC Advisor, available now in all good newsagents.

This Golden Sample version edition of the 7900GS has been given a speed bump, boosting it to a 500MHz core/1,400MHz DDR memory configuration.

It has a double-height cooler, which makes it a sizable beast and renders the slot directly beneath the PCI Express interface unusable. Such inconveniences aside, this card is impressively quiet and never threatens to overheat.

With the 7900 GPU at its heart and 20 pixel pipelines, its specifications aren't far from those of its pricier sibling. The software bundle is less remarkable. While Power DVD 6.0 and a Muvee editing suite can be useful, the bundle doesn't contain anything to demonstrate the card’s firepower. There's the usual assortment of DVI-VGA adapters and cables, including a six-pin power cable for additional power.

Gainward 7900GS Golden Sample: Specs


The Gainward packs some serious speed. It flew through our series of benchmarks and held quite a margin over the other sub-£150 models we looked at, which grew as the resolution increased.