We were delighted to find that it's now possible to pick up a card based on the X1900XT chip for under £200 though, being graphics devotees, we're still hankering after the full 512MB of video RAM on pricier iterations.

The £171 Connect 3D card has 256MB onboard but is otherwise identical to its big brother with the same 48 pixel pipelines and R580 core running at 625MHz. The DDR3 memory ticks over at a healthy 1,450MHz. It's a shame that the double-height cooler of the original remains the same. Although functional, it isn't quiet. But you can get around this with a third-party cooler.

You get the usual twin DVI-VGA adapters and cables for connecting to a variety of displays, along with a productive version of the 3D Edit Silver animation and editing package.

Connect 3D X1900XT 256MB: Specs


The Connect 3D produced the best overall mid-range performance here – and by quite some margin. The X1900XT loses a little ground only to the more expensive Sapphire X1950XTX, which we'll be reviewing next weekend – a remarkable performance. Highly recommended.