Serif's decision to call this Desktop Publishing Suite 2008 might be questionable. After all, each of the three main packages (Serif PagePlus 11.0, Serif DrawPlus 8.0 and ImpactPlus 5.0) have been released before. Indeed, even the most recent of them, Serif PagePlus 11.0 and DrawPlus, have already been succeeded by this year's X2 versions, so the ‘2008' tag is somewhat misleading. In other respects though, Serif Desktop Publishing Suite 2008 does exactly what it claims to, pulling together everything that you need to create a professional publication, be it for print or online. And since, individually, these titles have already garnered a slew of awards (a pair of PCA Gold Awards amongst them), Serif Desktop Publishing Suite 2008 amounts to an awful lot of power for a very modest asking price.

The core of Serif Desktop Publishing Suite 2008 is still Serif PagePlus 11.0, which, as the manual explains, ‘does it all' - providing you with the tools to create anything from a school newsletter to a website. In this version of the software, which was released in 2006 (Serif PagePlus X2 is the latest version), Serif attempted to up its game, setting its sights on professional DTP tools such as Adobe's InDesign CS3. While Serif PagePlus 11.0 may still fall some way short of threatening the high end, it continues to do what it has always does very well indeed - which is to provide relatively easy to use DTP software for the masses.

Serif Desktop Publishing Suite 2008's PagePlus 11.0 interface is as intuitive as is possible and there are plenty of features that will appeal to both designers and business people, such as pre-press quality PDF export, direct PDF editing and the ability to create interactive PDF forms. Accompanying Serif PagePlus 11.0 (and, indeed, Serif DrawPlus 8.0 and Serif ImpactPlus 5.0 as well) is a resource CD packed with pre-designed templates, so even a complete novice can create a presentable document.