Genius NetScroll G500 Laser full review

The Genius NetScroll G500 Laser is a gaming mouse that should appeal to a broad range of users, whether they're gamers or not.

Describe a product using the word 'gaming' and you can usually guarantee two things: it will put a premium on the price which PC games enthusiasts will pay for a ‘high performance' product. And it will put off anyone not interested in games, since the go-faster-stripes image will be deemed too gauche for everyday use.

Which would be a shame for this game-labelled mouse, the Genius NetScroll G500 Laser, as its price is competitive, it looks smart and unostentatious, and it offers features that will be of uses to all computer users.

The Genius NetScroll G500 Laser is a seemingly ordinary wired mouse, featuring familiar left- and right-click buttons with a scrollwheel between, all housed in a comfortable black and silver plastic moulding.

The mouse buttons have a clean action, and the Genius NetScroll G500 Laser's rubberised wheel is coarsely ratcheted but confident in its movement.

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Earning its high-performance status, the Genius NetScroll G500 Laser has a precise laser sensor, giving it fine pinpoint cursor control. You can rapidly switch pointer resolution between three settings - 2000, 1600 or 800dpi - simply by pressing an illuminated switch before the scrollwheel. The settings are colour coded, such that blue light is 2000dpi, green is 1600dpi and red is 800dpi. And underneath there are Teflon feet for nice slippery gliding.

Pop a catch on the underside of the Genius NetScroll G500 Laser and a door snaps open on top, where you can insert coins into a sprung chamber. Not for saving spare change, this allows you to add weight to the lightweight mouse, a penny or a pound at a time. More than just a gimmick, we found this a handy feature to get the mouse mass just perfect to personal taste.

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Genius NetScroll G500 Laser: Specs

  • Switchable resolution wired laser mouse
  • four buttons (left, right, middle, dpi switch)
  • 200/1600/800dpi resolution
  • Teflon feet
  • USB plug connection
  • 1.8m cable
  • 70g (mouse only), 112g (with cable)