Garmin Approach G6 full review

If you're an amateur golfer, then it's inevitable that at some point during your round, you are going to misjudge the distance of a shot and ruin the chance of posting a good score on that hole - a particularly annoying mistake if your ball ends up in OB because of it. If you use the Approach G6 properly, then that simply doesn't happen anymore. See all GPS reviews.

At a basic level you can take the Garmin Approach G6 out of the box and use it on the golf course straight away. Just charge it up, turn it on and walk on to the first tee. Visit all gadget news and  reviews.

By the time you've put your tee in the ground and placed your ball on it, the G6 will have locked on to its satellites, located what golf course you're on, and pinpointed that you are on the first tee. The clever handheld unit will then display on its colour TFT touchscreen, an easy to read 2D layout of the hole ahead of you and provide you with an extremely accurate yardage to every marker on the hole. After you've taken your shot, simply put the G6 back on your belt or bag and walk to your ball, it will count down the yards as you go. It's really that simple, just look at the screen whenever you want to check your yardage to the pin.

Another great feature of the Approach G6 is the ability to toggle the map as you go. This is great if you're the sort of golfer who likes to plan a hole shot-by-shot. Simply tap the screen where (in theory) you are going to hit the ball, and it will tell you how far you will have left to the green. It makes golf sounds so simple doesn't it?

As well as being able to plan where you want to hit the ball, you can also take a closer look at the green with the G6. Touching anywhere on the green will zoom in on it and show you a more detailed picture of the way the greens are sloping and the traps nearby. If you're a real pro, you can even specify the exact location of the pin on the green, to get an even more accurate shot distance.

Garmin approach G6 review Garmin really have gone to town on the features of the Garmin Approach G6. It comes pre-loaded with 27,000 golf courses and will automatically download new courses whenever they are added. It's also got some great personal features too; you can use the G6 as score card, toggle distances to match your club averages as well as enter and review your putts tally, fairways hit percentage and distances. A golfing anoraks dream!

Using the Garmin Approach G6 couldn't be easier. If you're well equated with a satnav or a smartphone, then you shouldn't have any problems working this handheld device at all. The battery life is good too. It will last well over a round (4-hours), which is pretty amazing when you consider how small it is and if you compare it to how long your car's satnav lasts without it's USB charger. We'd recommend giving it a full charge before you use it every time though as you don't to risk losing you virtual caddy half way through - especially if you come to rely on it as much as we did during our test with it.

Let's not pretend it's a cheap gizmo, because it simply isn't. For most of us, golf is something we do on the weekends for a bit of fun. Justifying spending more than £300 on a device that won't improve magically cure your slice is a bit of a big ask. But if you've got the money to burn, this device will certainly give you an extra bit of confidence when you approach the ball.


Garmin Approach G6: Specs

  • Display resolution, WxH: 160 x 240 pixels
  • Display type: transflective color TFT touchscreen
  • Battery: internal rechargeable lithium polymer
  • Battery life: up to 15 hours
  • Waterproof: yes (IPX7)
  • GPS-enabled: yes
  • High-sensitivity receiver: yes
  • Interface: USB
  • Size and weight: 540 x 930 x 190 mm, 95.6 g

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