When Yggdra Union was released in 2006 for the GameBoy Advance, its intricate tactics system and engrossing story went largely unnoticed.

Thankfully, developer Altus decided to port the game for the PSP, topping off what was already a great game with an incredible amount of polish. Yggdra Union looks bolder, sounds better, and feels like an entirely different game than before - it's one title no PSP owner should overlook.

In Yggdra Union, you take the role of Princess Yggdra as she flees an evil empire that has overrun the Kingdom of Fantasinia. You engage in turn-based battles using cards that dictate everything from field movement to attacks; there are also status cards that boost your unit's power and provide you with magic spells.

There's a deep sense of strategy as you need to carefully manage your cards as well as take into account the advantages and disadvantages that your troops have against specific enemies and weapon types. Yggdra Union's card-based combat system can be intimidating but fortunately, the difficulty curve is never too steep and there are various in-game tutorials to guide you.

Yggdra Union: we'll never fight alone

I was also seriously impressed by the game's presentation. Hands down, Yggdra Union has some of the most memorable voice acting I've heard in any game. The cutesy art style is also charming but it's nicely counterbalanced by a story arc that is serious and laden with tragedy, plot twists, and moral dilemmas. Worth noting is the fact that most of the artwork in the game is completely new and Atlus' efforts really show.

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Yggdra Union: Specs

  • Playstation Portable
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Playstation Portable
  • Gameboy Advance


Although its overzealous combat system takes some getting used to, Yggdra Union is a rare gem that manages to stay interesting after hours and hours of playtime. In my opinion, it's a must-have for PSP owners and it is, without a doubt, one of the best titles I've played this year.