A zany, fun study of what happens when an irresistible force meets an an army of unmovable flesh-eating objects, Plants vs Zombies is a free to play game for Mac and PC that takes an original idea and runs with it, producing addictive, and oftentimes hilarious results.

Plants vs Zombies: "Quirky", and then some...

I love tower defence games and Plants vs Zombies is one of the more interesting takes on the genre that I've ever seen. It pits you against a horde of hilarious zombies that are threatening to take over your house; to keep them at bay, you command a vast army of plants.

It may sound ridiculous but Plants vs Zombies offers up a great sense of depth and complexity. It's ridiculously charming to boot, with a cute visual style and a quirky sense of humour.

Plants vs Zombies: know your enemy

My favourite aspect of the game is the sheer variety of enemies and plant types.

The zombies range from the classic undead shambler to hockey loving zamboni drivers; there's even one modeled after a certain 80's pop-star known for his sweet dance moves.

To combat this adorable menace, you're given access to a greenhouse's worth of plants. Some more insanely useful-the sunflower, for instance, produces sun, which acts as the game's lone resource-while others are there more for comic effect than anything; truth be told, I only used a small handful of the plants through my entire time with the game but it was definitely fun to experiment and try out new plants as I acquired them.

The gameplay moves along at a brisk pace and as with all tower defence games, it's easy to pass a few hours without realising it.

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