Luigi's Mansion 3 full review

Reluctant ghost hunter Luigi is back and now on the Switch. We been hands-on with Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019 where Mario's best pal must embark on another ghoulish journey around a haunted hotel with a new gooey counterpart. Here's our preview from the show.

Although this is only the third game in the series, Luigi's Mansion first arrived in 2001 on the GameCube and was one of the most popular games on that pint-sized console. The sequel, Dark Moon then came on 3DS in 2013. So it's about time we got another title and for the popular Switch.

In this third instalment, Luigi is off on a dream vacation with Mario and co but things go predictably wrong. Professor E. Gadd is once again on hand to assist and Luigi must navigate his way around the hotel to save the crew from King Boo.

As you can expect, you need to use a torch to stun and the Poltergust G-00 to suck-up ghosts. However, there's a new mechanic which gives the game some freshness and it comes in the form of a new character.

Well that's if you can call a gooey version of Luigi a new character. He's called Gooigi and reminds us of Slime from Ghostbusters. This jelly-like Luigi can be summoned when you like and do things and go places where Luigi's pesky flesh and bones just can't.

This means if there's something inside a metal cage, for example, Gooigi is the man – if you can call him that – to go get it. You'll also need him simply as a second person to solve puzzle elements to levels.

While using the lime green guy, Luigi looks worryingly vacant but we found it fun exploring what Gooigi can do, but walk him into water and he'll dissolve. The neat thing is that a second player can take control of Gooigi, adding an optional co-op feature to the game.

Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay

There are also new abilities such as jumping (yes, jumping) and the way you can slam ghosts around and even into objects to break them. They pale in comparison to Gooigi, though.

We only played a single-player level with 15 minute time limit at E3 but Luigi's Mansion 3 will also support up to 8-player multiplayer – that's online or across four Switch consoles locally. A mode called ScareScraper will see you race against the clock to clear various objectives on a series of floors.

The promise is that levels will be varied with each floor of the hotel will be completely different – so not like an actual hotel. What we can say from playing one level is that the game looks better than ever.

Next Level Games has done a great job of making the scenery very vibrant and colourful. A tricky task in a game that's supposed to be dark and scary. There's excellent attention to detail which gives the game a rich feel.

The sad thing is that you'll have to wait until 31 December 2019 for Luigi's Mansion 3 to be released on Switch. 

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Early Verdict

From what we played this is a nice mix of action and puzzle and Gooigi adds a fresh element which we're pleased is also a co-op option.

The game also looks great with vibrant graphics and feels even more fun. We don't even think it's one for those who have played the previous titles.

We're pretty keen to try and more, including the somewhat mad sounding multiplayer mode.