Command & Conquer has had a long history of great moments and the Red Alert games have probably been responsible for most of them. The latest, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, tries to emulate its lofty predecessors, but gets bogged down on some curious design choices and the archaic gameplay may turn away some. 

Command & Conquer: welcome back commander

I've had a long sordid love affair with the Command & Conquer series. The original was the first real time strategy game that I got my hands on and remains one of my favourite games of all time, but it goes without saying that the series has been in a long slow decline with only one or two standouts.

The best of these was the second Red Alert, which got all the elements right and was one of the best games in the genre during the first few years of the decade. The sequel therefore has a high standard to maintain, and while the game does provide a good basis for entertainment it doesn't quite reach the lofty achievements of its predecessor and as a result might disappoint some fans.

Most will be familiar with the overall plot of the Red Alert series - an alternate history in which Adolf Hitler has been killed by a time traveling Albert Einstein intent on stopping the horror of the Second World War. The resulting timeline is little better resulting in a different world war between the Soviet Union and the western allies, the third game picks up as this war is just ending with the Soviets on the losing side.

To reverse the losses the Soviets engineer their own changes by assassinating Einstein. The result isn't what is expected, for while the results of the first two games are erased, the outcome is worse. Another world war rapidly emerges, this time with a third side introduced - the Empire of the Rising Sun - a well done parody of militaristic Japan. Throughout the plot is conveyed via tongue-in-cheek full motion video. More than a few well known actors are involved, including Tim Curry, JK Simmons, and George Takei.

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